The History of the Traditional Casino Game Craps 

Craps is one of the oldest casino games and is regarded to be the most traditional. Dice games are, in fact, much older than casinos themselves. Although the first casino did not open until the 18th century, dice have been used since ancient times. According to Sophocles, Greek troops occupied themselves during the siege of Troy by playing dice games. This game equipment, on the other hand, has a much longer history. Archaeologists uncovered the world’s oldest dice in Iran, which date back to roughly 3,000 BC.¬†

The Dice

A dice is about as simple as it gets. The first shape was a cube with the numbers 1 through 6 written on it. However, there are other dice with several facets, and some of these dice have fewer than six sides. A quick online search will yield more than 40 games that utilize dice or in which the dice itself is the main character, such as in craps. 

Hazard, according to Chaucer’s tale in the Canterbury Tales, dates back to the 12th century in England. This game is most likely the ancestor of craps. Both of these games employ a simple mechanism; nevertheless, the rules can get rather intricate. In the comprehensive guide to how to play craps, the game fundamentals are simplified and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Furthermore, in both of the games we played, each person gets a turn to shoot. Nonetheless, these two games are very different from one another.¬†

Over the Great Lakes 

A Louisiana farmer named Bernard Marigny is credited with bringing craps to the United States. Bernard Marigny was from the state of Louisiana. The term “crabs,” which is also the name given to the number that is produced by putting the numbers two and three together, is where the current name originates. In earlier iterations of the game, this was the only combination that would have resulted in a loss for the player. In the nineteenth century, the rules of the game were modified to add the options “pass” and “don’t pass” to counteract the impact that rigged dice were having on the competition.

The Battle of Troy was not the only conflict in which dice were utilized. The protagonists of the game, which took place during World War II, were troops fighting on multiple fronts. Following the end of the war, the game shot to the top of the popularity charts in Las Vegas, where it immediately established itself as one of the most played casino table games. Since that time, the game’s notoriety among military communities has only increased.

This is hardly the kind of popular interest that would be left behind by the rise of digital technology. Craps, along with the rest of the casino games, made its way online, where it can now be played in both live and immediate versions. The quick play edition of the game does not include the multiplayer mode of the game, even though it typically has high-quality graphics and realistic gaming mechanics. In the live version of the game, the dealer is the one who throws the dice. However, in the instant version of the game, the Random Number Generator controls how the game is played (RNG).

Differences Between Craps and Hazard Games 

Myth has it that the game of Hazard was created during the time of Charlemagne’s crusades. During the siege of Hazard in 1125, according to Sir William of Tyre, soldiers were the ones who initially conceived of the idea for it. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, however, there is a second probable etymology of the name, and it comes from the Arabic word “Uzzah,” which translates to “the dice.”

Both games are played with two dice, but Hazard has a significantly larger amount of rules and is therefore significantly more challenging to find online. When playing the game of Hazard, virtually every possible combination of the numbers 2 and 12 has a different significance and may have some kind of repercussion. Players have the option of competing against one another or the “bank” when they are seated at the table.

The only combinations that matter in craps are sevens and elevens, which are referred to as “naturals,” two twos and threes, which are referred to as “craps,” and two sixes, which are referred to as “boxcars.” The shooter is guaranteed to win the round as soon as they get any one of the first three combos. Even though boxcars and craps are combinations that result in a loss, the shooter is often allowed to take another shot. If a seven is rolled with the second die, not only will the shooter lose their stake, but everyone else will as well. The term “point” refers to any additional possible combination that could occur.

Going Against the House’s Will¬†

Playing dice requires little skill; yet, the house often has a very modest advantage (around 1.41 percent). The odds, for example, are significantly superior to those offered by slot machines or bingo. Certain types of wagers have chances that are very close to 50/50. The following are some common strategies that you can employ. 

The Pass Line Wager 

The Pass Line wager is the simplest wager offered in the game. When you wager on the pass line, you are hoping for a 7 or an 11 to come up on the dice. In this situation, success is yours immediately. It is an even-money bet, which means you will win the same amount you placed on it. 

In this type of wager, you are betting against the shooter and hoping that the shooter will roll a 2 or 3 on the dice. The combination of 12 results in a “push,” which means you don’t win anything but do get your money back on the bet. If either the 7 or the 11 is rolled, this wager is lost.¬†

Putting Your Money on the Line 

When we say “laying the odds,” we imply betting against every other player at the table. Keep your fingers crossed for a seven to appear before any combination ranging from four to ten. The house has no edge in this wager, and the available payouts are 1:2, 2:3, or 5:6.¬†

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You are now well-versed in the history of this simple yet captivating game, as well as its basic rules and tactics. If you’ve reached the point in the game where your hands are itching to roll a pair of dice, you can get started for free with a variety of online options. If you are interested in the game’s mathematical components, it is not difficult to find academic studies on the subject.

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