Which Asian Airlines Are the Best? 

Which of the following factors is most important to you when deciding which airline to fly with: quality entertainment, comfortable seats, onboard cleanliness, or friendly staff? 

Because there are so many airlines operating routes to, from, or through Asia, it may be difficult to determine which airline is best suited to meet your needs. When flying long distances, there are several other important factors to consider; however, the primary focus should always be on passenger safety. Fortunately, the vast majority of airlines can now meet these requirements, and we have compiled a list of those that we believe stand out from the crowd. 

Qatar Airways’ hub is located at Hamad International Airport (Doha, Qatar)¬†

Qatar Airways has received numerous awards over the years, including those for Best Catering and Best Business Class

Qatar Airways serves over 150 destinations worldwide. Even economy class passengers can enjoy Qatar’s delectable cuisine, ensuring that no one is left out of the experience. Furthermore, Qatar Airways’ in-flight entertainment is among the best in the industry.¬†

Qatar has also expanded its fleet to include aircraft of the most recent generation, such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350. It should come as no surprise that they were named the Best Airline in 2019. 

Singapore Airlines’ primary hub is Changi Airport in Singapore (Singapore, China)¬†

Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways appear to alternate being ranked first and second in all major airline critic rankings from year to year

Qatar Airways currently holds the top spot. This airline’s exceptional service, in which flight attendants treat every passenger with the utmost care and respect, has earned the company widespread recognition as the best in its industry.¬†

Singapore Airlines’ quality has not changed, and the airline was recently recognized for having the Best Premium Economy Catering, in addition to previously winning an award for Best Business Class Airline Seat. Some of the advantages of fthe lying economy class include receiving a warm towel just before takeoff and having a personal television with a variety of entertainment options pre-loaded.¬†

Even more impressive is the fact that their primary hub is Changi Airport, which has been named the world’s best airport for the past seven years in a row. With a rooftop swimming pool, spa, free tours around Singapore, a cinema, and a variety of gardens including butterfly, cactus, sunflower, and orchid gardens, this airport is the epitome of what a stopover should be like. To say Changi Airport resembles a magical wonderland rather than an airport would be an understatement.¬†

Emirates’ primary hub is Dubai International Airport (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)¬†

Emirates is most likely the airline with the most widespread recognition on this list

The majority of passengers are familiar with the airline’s multi-award-winning, cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system, which includes a wide range of films, musical performances, live television broadcasts, and sporting events. The fact that they have won the award for “Best In-Flight Entertainment” for the past 13 years in a row is proof that the pudding is good.¬†

Another feature that distinguishes Emirates from the competition is the availability of free Wi-Fi, which the majority of airlines do not provide, not to mention its world-class bar, where you can enjoy a cheeky cocktail to get your vacation started right. 

Cathay Pacific’s primary hub is Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong, China)¬†¬†

Cathay Pacific is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious Pacific Rim airlines, and flying with them is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable ways to travel in Asia. The flight attendants provide friendly service, the seats are comfortable, and the in-flight entertainment alone makes flying with this company worthwhile. Cathay Pacific covers a wide range of destinations by flying to 76 different cities in 34 different countries. To stay competitive, the airline has even purchased newly delivered Airbus A350s. 

The airline is also the first in the world to offer vegan options of plant-based pork alternatives to its passengers, paving the way for other airlines and air travel services. 

Etihad Airways’ hub is Abu Dhabi International Airport (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)¬†

Etihad is well-known for its first-class suites and flying apartments, as evidenced by the numerous accolades the airline has received, including Best First Class in the Middle East for 2019, as well as World’s Best First Class, Best First Class Seat, and Best First Class Onboard Catering in the past.¬†

Even Etihad’s economy class is nothing to scoff at, and the in-flight entertainment is something that should be mentioned. Their extensive media library, which includes movies, music, television shows, and even live lives TV, is updated regularly, ensuring that you always have access to a wide variety of entertainment options, regardless of the class in which you find yourself seated.¬†

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, and Phuket International Airport in Phuket, Thailand, both serve as hubs for Thai Airways. (Phuket, Thailand) When researching Thai Airways, the word “efficient” will come up repeatedly as a common descriptor of the company. Thai Airways’ systematic approach to maintaining consistency throughout its history has resulted in the airline receiving accolades for its outstanding service, delectable catering, and an indulgent spa.¬†

They have been named the Best Airline Staff in Asia and the Best Cabin Crew in Thailand for 2019, demonstrating that providing excellent customer service is a top priority for them. Furthermore, they were named the World’s Best Airline Spa Facility, demonstrating that they can provide a level of relaxation and rejuvenation that no other company in the modern travel industry can match. What could be better than lying back, letting go of the flight’s tension, and relaxing with soothing music while receiving a Thai massage with essential oils?¬†

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has hubs at Narita International Airport in Tokyo and Kansai International Airport in Osaka (Osaka, Japan) 

This guide simply couldn’t be considered complete unless it mentioned at least one of Japan’s illustrious carriers! Even in economy class, ANA’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners are among the most spacious in the industry. ANA has one of the largest fleets of these planes. Furthermore, each class of their aircraft has power outlets and USB sockets, and they have won numerous awards for their exemplary levels of cleanliness, service, and overall safety.¬†

They also received awards for Best Airline Staff and Cabin Crew in Japan, which is consistent across all of their classes and results in extremely satisfied customers in both business and economy. They were awarded the title of having the Best Business Class in Asia in 2019. 

You are now aware of the best features provided by Asian airlines; the question now is which one will you select? Food that satisfies your appetite after a nap, or a heavenly stopover? Which is more important to you: an exceptionally clean cabin or a crew willing to go to any length to meet your needs? Furthermore, each of the aforementioned airlines offers a comprehensive selection of these amenities, so no matter which one you choose to fly with, you will not be disappointed.

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