Is there any skill to baccarat?

Baccarat has a long history and is known for being played by the very rich in the secret corners of a casino. It originated in Europe and over time it has spread across the world. In your usual casinos you’ll be able to play mini-baccarat, which is a faster version of the original game. Baccarat is an interesting game because chance plays a massive role in you either wining or loosing. Essentially, baccarat involves bettors who will bet on whether the dealer will win, or if the player will win the hand. At the baccarat table, there are at most 14 bettors, and a dealer. The dealer is dealt two cards, and only one of the bettors at the table is dealt two cards. So in total four cards are down.

This may seem strange because not all the players have cards. However, this is the reason why chance is such a big factor in this game. The bettors then bet on whom, dealer or player, will win the hand.

The winner of the hand is determined by whose cards are closest to 9. Face cards count as zero, and if a player has a total which exceeds 10, say 13, then you have to drop 10 from the total, leaving you with 3 points. Players and dealers can receive another card only if they have a certain number of points.

No decisions are made by the participants. For example, if the player has a total score of 2, then he has to ‘hit’. A more detailed explanation can be found elsewhere on the net, and you will be able to learn baccarat fairly quickly as it is a simple game.

Baccarat strategy is very simple. You either bet that the player will win, or the dealer will win. You can also bet on a tie occurring. Each type of bet has its own odds and it has been found that the banker/dealer winning occurs more often than the player winning. Obviously the chances of a tie occurring are slim, so maybe don’t bet on it happening. There are many free online baccarat sites, so maybe give one a try.

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